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  1. Our Strengths


    Providing stainless steel and other steel products with high added value to meet the needs of customers in Japan and around the world.

    As a trading company, Yamashin Industry has constructed a robust supply system on a foundation of relationships with major manufacturers of special steel in Japan as well as special steel manufacturers outside Japan. Adding a separate company Yamashin steel and metal fabricator Kusuda Kinzoku to the Group positions the Group to provide solutions of incomparable value. Few companies in the special steel industry are able to do everything from selecting materials to fabricating and delivering products on a global scale.

    Yamashin Steel (secondary fabrication)
    Kusuda Kinzoku (fabrication)
    Yamashin Industry Co., Inc. (wholesaling)
    Component manufacturers
    Client manufacturers
  2. Our Strengths


    With our own distribution centers, we are capable of delivering to every corner of Japan. We also satisfy your inventory control needs.

    We have ample inventory space at our distribution centers in the Kanto and Kansai regions for meeting our customers’ needs. We cut, fabricate, control quality, package, and ship and deliver throughout Japan. Robust inventory control at our own warehouses underpins our ability to deliver as quickly as your needs require. In addition to covering every corner of Japan, we also have plants and retail locations in China and Vietnam, putting the entire global market within reach.

    Hirakata Distribution Center
    Kanto Office/Kanto Distribution Center
  3. Our Strengths

    urban life

    We serve a wide range of industries, from semiconductor manufacturing to industrial robot and space development.

    Our products rarely take center stage, but they are used everywhere from familiar elements of urban life to the frontiers of high-tech industries. Semiconductor manufacturing systems, tanks for major beverage manufacturers, critical parts for electric and hydrogen vehicles, parts of industrial robots, and renewable energy and space development are just some of the areas where our products fulfill important functions. And when we receive new inquiries, we draw upon our wealth of experience and knowledge to provide thoughtful solutions. It is no exaggeration to say that stainless steel is the foundation of our daily lives and our future.


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