Shipping and Receiving, Cutting, and Transport

We handle everything from inventory control to cutting and transport to meet our customers’ needs.

Shipping and Receiving

Product labels include QR codes for physical inventory control.

Our Hirakata Distribution Center houses an ample inventory of a wide array of stainless steel and other special steel products.
We use the QR codes on product labels and handheld terminals to manage incoming and outgoing inventory. We also use racks to maintain the quality of the materials during storage.


We handle everything from small lots featuring multiple articles to high-volume fabrication.

With nine cutting machines, we can accommodate a wide range of diameters and specifications, and the automated cutting functions allow us to process large volumes in short periods. We meticulously meet our customers’ needs while adhering to our Safety First policy.


Digital control of order data underpins our impressive accuracy and speed.

We deliver the steel products our customers order with a high-quality transport service. We carefully check product numbers, quantities, and other information and follow shipping instructions to the letter to avoid mistakes. We also deliver small lots.


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