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We have on offer various steel products, such as stainless steel, high alloy, titanium, aluminium, wrought copper and copper alloys, and structural steel. We deliver reliable products, in particular cold finished stainless steel bars including round and hexagonal stainless steel bars, through the manufacturer: Yamashin Steel (YAMCO-Group).

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is our primary steel product. Stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance, and is used extensively in a variety of precision parts. We can provide a variety of steel grades and shapes, even with small lot orders.

High alloy steel

High alloy steel is highly corrosion resistant with high reliability, and is used extensively in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and nuclear power plants, heat exchangers, centrifugal separators, driers, pipelines, couplings, valves, bolts, salt manufacturing, exhaust gas desulfurizers, and semiconductor cleaning equipment.


Titanium is light, strong, and rust-proof in seawater, and is used widely in the power and chemical plant, aerospace, seawater, building material, sport & leisure, and medical care & welfare fields.


Aluminium is light, rust-resistant, of excellent workability, and highly durable, and is used extensively in household goods, skyscraper building materials, land transportation, ships, vehicles, information & telecommunication equipment, and other machinery.

Wrought copper and copper alloys

Wrought copper and copper alloys have excellent thermal conductivity, and are used in electronic components such as semiconductors, connectors, and electrodes. In addition, high corrosion resistance allows these materials to be used as heat exchangers in air conditioners and refrigerators as well as general equipment such as valves, water supplies, and hot water supplies. They are also used in building materials, daily goods, and accessories because of their high durability and beautiful color tone.

Structural steel

Structural steel is used as a material for important components in a variety of fields that include automobiles, construction machines, industrial machines, and shipbuilding.

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